Cheap Auto Insurance in Florida

Auto insurance is one of the most important things to have, especially considering the amount of unsafe drivers on the road. Moreover, auto insurance is something that’s required by law, where all of the vehicles that you own need to be covered by some minimum amount dependent on the state.

In the state of Florida, you need at least $10,000 of coverage for personal injury, as well as $10,000 of coverage for vehicle damage. Most insurance companies will provide this and much more. And in order to get the most value out of your dollar, it can be well worth the effort trying to find cheap auto insurance in Florida here.

The Importance of Insurance

As much freedom as a vehicle provides, it also happens to be one of the most unsafe modes of transportation. While you’re generally safe about 95% of the time that you’re on the road, that 5% is big enough to have cause for concern. Much of it has to do with the fact that the people behind the wheel are human beings. And as such, we tend to make a lot of mistakes and/or bad decisions. On the road, this translates to disasters that you would never be able to anticipate. Besides it being the law, having insurance is important because it provides you a safety net for when the bad stuff happens.


One of the best companies for cheap auto insurance in Florida is Gainsco Auto Insurance. Their main goal, ever since they were founded, was to provide auto insurance at the lowest and most affordable rates possible. They also offer numerous discounts that will let you save a lot more money by driving safely and using safer vehicles.

Currently they don’t have a way for you to get a quote online, but you can visit one of their offices or give them a call and explain the situation with your vehicles as well as the desired coverage. They should be able to give you a quote fairly quickly, and you’ll likely find it to be surprisingly low.

The General

You’ve most likely heard of The General; they have been widely advertised on TV for a number of years, and have offered auto insurance at some of the cheapest rates imaginable. More recently they’ve allowed people to apply for a policy online and get a free quote; you don’t have to visit their office or call them on the phone.

You only need to keep in mind that while they do serve the Florida area, they are a multi-state insurance company and do not provide anything special to Florida residents, other than meeting the minimum requirements for insurance coverage. Still, they are one of the best companies to go with when it comes to cheap auto insurance in Florida.

Other Thoughts

As mentioned above, it is extremely important to have insurance for when bad things happen while you’re on the road. It may seem like something that will never happen to you, but that tends to be a line of thought that everyone has until it actually happens to them, when they least expect it. That said, this isn’t meant to cause a scare, but it’s important to be aware that unfit drivers do exist out there. You can get a Florida car insurance quote from several online companies for free.

Best health insurance in Florida

The best health insurance in the state of FL is more or less synonymous with the most “correct” type(s) for a person’s needs.  In other words, rather than focusing specifically on prices, benefits, networking options and the like, it’s best to zero in on exactly what you need to ensure that you’re covered in the event of the unforeseen.  Naturally, for each individual (and family) out there this will vary widely.  However, there are some things which you should take note of before contacting a company like for a quote.


About the affordable care act

First off, you’re probably already aware of the fact that affordable care act has been put in place, currently with limited functionality, and that it requires businesses and individuals to sign up.  For single persons it is called the individual mandate, of course, and assuming that you don’t find a plan or neglect to sign up the idea is that an annual fee will be levied.


As far as the specifics are concerned, when signing up you might become eligible for certain benefits, tax breaks or other incentives, depending upon your evaluated data and so forth.  This is also referred to as “applying for a subsidy”.   What this essentially means is that there’s a good chance that your eventual costs for health insurance coverage will be much lower than they might have previously been.  Of course this might also indicate that there are certain rules and stipulations you must follow, including access to a limited number of overall plans / doctors.


If you don’t qualify for a subsidy

Naturally, not everyone is going to qualify for a subsidy, which will mean that you’ll need to sign up for some type of private plan.  In essence, there are a number of private providers which are now part of the healthcare marketplace, including many of the most notable insurance companies out there.  The silver lining here is that you will likely have more choices and options available to you with regards to coverage and/or access to other options / networks.  Of course the cost(s) and premiums might be somewhat higher, but all in all you should have access to better than average treatment.  All of the participating organizations receive a 1 to 5 star rating from the government which then places them in various categories, thus allowing the healthcare seeker to find a suitable policy which completely covers their needs and requirements.


So, how do you find the best health insurance in Florida? 

There’s no easy answer for the question above and really, the answer is going to depend almost entirely on whether or not you end up qualifying for a subsidy or go with a private provider.  All in all, it boils down to what your specific needs are and since companies can’t discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions now it should be possible to get some coverage. Click here for more information.

The Types of Insurance Every Resident Needs

About Insurance


If you currently reside in the state of Florida, there are a few types of insurance you will need in order to secure your most cherished assets. And they are auto insurance, homeowners, condo or renter’s insurance, and liability insurance if applicable. Many people defer their financial burdens to the distant future, merely attending to their most dire needs until a situation arises. However, it is critical to prevent financial turmoil before it arises. Insurance is designed to ground you on a firm, financial foundation before havoc, disaster, car theft or collision rear their ugly heads, and compromise your personal assets and belongings. Within each insurance plan, you will find a vast spectrum of coverage options. It should be noted that some individuals require more coverage than others. Furthermore, some choose to minimize the coverage needed in order to capitalize on a better deal.


Auto Insurance


Auto insurance is a requirement in all states, and driving without it can lead to a few challenging repercussions. In some states, driving without insurance can leave you susceptible to expensive fines, as well as the revocation of your license or registration. If you are involved in a collision without insurance, this will merely complicate matters. Not only will you be subject to astronomical costs, but you may face litigation in some circumstances-especially if the collision victims suffer car damage or bodily injury. In essence, Florida insurance can safeguard you from a few things. Firstly, it can ensure that your car and physical well being are monetarily covered after a collision. Furthermore, it can protect you from litigation by coming to your rescue when you need it most. Not to mention, if you live in a high crime area, your car insurance company may reimburse you after a theft.


Finding the right car premium will inculcate several different factors. The geographical region in which you live will play a deterministic role in terms of your premium rates. If you reside in a high crime area, your car invites a statistically higher probability for theft or damage. For this reason, insurance agencies may be less lenient in terms of giving you a cheap rate, but this may not always apply. Other factors that may affect your premium include age, occupation, marital status, driving history, and car model. The more expensive or unsafe your vehicle, the higher your rates will be. This is a sad, but, well known truth!


Other Types Of Insurance


Of course, you will require more than car insurance to get by as a Florida Insurance holder. Homeowners insurance will protect the equity and possessions of your home, even if it is destroyed by natural disasters (minus floods). Flood insurance can protect your from water damage, while condo and renter’s insurance can protect your possessions in your condo and rented home, respectively.


If you run a home based business, liability insurance is of chief importance. If someone were to hypothetically injure themselves on your property, insurance would protect your from liability and cover the costs.


Life is a grand adventure, but we live in a world fraught with probable occurrences that can destroy our most prized possessions. With insurance, however, we can protect everything that we cherish. For a quote visit